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My File

Chuyên mục : Me
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Xin chào các bạn,


Chiếc thoi thời gian thấm thoát trôi đi thật nhanh! Ai sinh ra cũng đến lúc phải trưởng thành và rồi sau đó là sự già yếu bệnh tật với sự nghiệp vẻ vang cùng khối tài sản kếch sù để dưỡng bệnh (nếu may mắn!). Và dù bạn là ai? Bạn là người như thế nào? Bạn đẹp hay xấu? Bạn giàu hay nghèo?..... Mọi thứ đều không còn quan trọng nữa khi bạn kề cận lưỡi hái tử thần ở phút lâm chung. Sau đó thì có chăng một cuộc sống mới bắt đầu?! Chúng ta không ai có thể khẳng định được!



Nhân ngồi tùy bút, mặc khải đôi dòng, tôi xin mạn phép gửi đến quí vị những điều trãi nghiệm trong đời mong làm một chút hành trang có thể để chúng ta trưởng thành hơn, có cuộc sống tốt đẹp hơn trong phần đời ngắn ngủi cõi nhân gian.


Thân mến!



Good Morning ladies and gentlements, [Sorry, I've just got my hair cut. It looks more handsome and youthful, right? I think, I like to be simple in the other eyes. I feel little timid now. Can you see my cheeks. I blush for shame! ].


One guy asked me: "Excuse me, we know a little information about you, but we would like to know more! Would you like to tell me some more details about you, sir?".


My replied:


- Oh, oh,..! You don't know, if you are a Western guest you will surely know that no body ask any private information about some-one! But, Ok! That's not my problem! Because I am healthy, but I am not a wealthy man! Therefore, I think, I don't need to keep anything in secret! Sure, I don't think I have anything for concealing!


I would like to introduce myself. I am just a normal Vietnamese. But I think we have some different mentalities. Why could the German  build Jobs for almost all people in the Europe, but can we not? I think we can do more and help more people! I wish I could bring benefits to every-body in the world, and make everyone feel happier!


 Many people in the world they wish to live here in Vietnam even some Singaporeans, Australians, Americans… because our country is going up very fast nowadays. Moreover, the landscapes here are very natural, beautiful, and diverse! Climate here is also mild! The life here is so easy!, And especially this is the safest country for living in the world now, etc.


 Just some months later, when you come here for visiting, I think you will realize that Vietnam is the best country! It is worth living! I am sure!


 And I am also sure that if you communicate with me I can bring you more profits you wish on new properties in Vietnam (Real Estate)! I can make a good deal with Vietnamese companies here to offer you many kinds of land lots and nice apartments, buildings, give advices, for example, etc. in a good location with good prices!


 I can speak English fairly well! Contact me via this handphone number (give message is ok!): +84.918.12.17.12 or +84.948.12.17.12.


And now, I would like to turn back to my curriculum vitae.


First of all, I would like to ask you just some questions. Do you play any kind of sports in your home-town? Do you love football? Do you remember Mr.Rivaldo, a Brazilian footballer. He was born in Paulista on the Wednesday 19th April, 1972.


"On the next day, Mr.Le Huỳnh Đức, a Vietnamese footballer, was born. This day was also the date marking some events important. Ms.Carmen Electra, an American actress, who was also born on this day in Sharonville. And this time was nearly the end of the Vietnam War. The American Presidential Adviser Henry Kissinger arrived in Moscow on a secret mission to meet with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. Mr.Kissinger's mission remained until Monday. And his visit was not announced until the day after his return.


On the next day, the Friday , April 21st, 1972, the American astronauts John W.Young and Charles Duke became the ninth and tenth persons to walk on the moon. This was also the Sweden passed the World's first law officially recognizing change of gender, with the amendment of civil registration rules to accommodate change of birth registrations for individuals who had undergone, or applied to have, sex change surgery.". (


And this was also the important day because I was born on this day. And I am also sure that, I am a really man, indeed, I don't want or  don't need to have any sex change surgery!


I think, the above events when I was born may affect my characters? It could be! I like sports! Especially I do like to practise martial arts such as Whushu, traditional martial arts, Aikido, etc. I have played Aikido for more than 20 years and used to be the instructor for nearly 5 years. I also tried to create an Aikido club at my home town in district 9 but my wife and children's needs at the time called me back. This practices also formed my unique characters. I am honest and friendly, easy for approaching to be friend! I am punctual, loyal, and patient,.etc...I could wait for more than 10 years, exactly 11 years to build a new job. Oh, sorry, I go too deeply into my own case! Now I turn back.


Thanks God, after giving birth my mother carried me on a balance rattan baskets which many women in Vietnam use these for selling something in. She put me here at the top of that baskets. Some dried-rice, salt and pepper were put here at the back. And she walked on bare feet from Bình Long province (Bình Phước now) near Cambodian border to Saigon as refugee. It was about 300km from there to Saigon. She also brought many tales of gold at the back, but it was too heavy. So she threw them away on the rice-field. It was a tragedy also! We saw many greedy men laid down their lives for searching gold on the rice-fields. Poor them! Grasp all and lose all, indeed! Sometimes, she was really tired, and she laid me down for a short napping. Day by day, after all, we came back another home in Saigon after nearly one month. Our neighbours, relatives, and friends in Saigon stared at us as if we had been dead all. Thanks God! We lived longer than we thought! It was the "Red Summer" in 1972. I think everybody in the world know this incident. You can seek back information from these links on internet:, orến_dịch_Xuân_-_Hè_1972.....


Our country was unified in 1975. As the South collapsed, nearly 135 k Vietnamese fled this country by helicopters. Over the next 5 years, at least half a million of our compatriots would do the same by using boats at the Eastern Sea. I think we've ever heard some information about "the boat people" in this case. We were among them, I meant my uncle, my elder brother and me. Not only us but most of the South at that time, we felt fear of the North Communist because we didn't know anything about them. Maybe they killed all of us even most of my maternal family members are Cu Chi people. There were many tragedy families before 1975. Some families had some members supported to the South and some supported to the North. But the North supporters kept a secret from their family members, of course! Sometimes, they tried to help their family members (just tried to save their family members lives!) by leaking some bad information out. For example, I was a VC but my elder brother was a captain in the South Government. One day, I knew that, we-the communist would attack a point where my elder brother had a task there. I would like to help my brother without leaking any news. So, I could invite him to go some-where for traveling on that day. He didn't know anything. He just thought that he was really lucky when he heard some bad news in Saigon. If he had gone there for working on that day, he could be died!




My uncle was a soldier before 1975. So he felt very nervous! He tried to escape this country many times but couldn't! He always failed! He lost much of money for doing these cases. I could remember, when I was young (1981 - 9 years old!), my uncle asked me and my elder brother to leave this country. That was the nicest summer in my life! Do you know why? Because my daddy was passed away in 1974 (I will tell you something about him later!). And of course, my mother should carry the whole big family on her shoulders. Poor her! And I should help my mother one hand when I was 7. We sold cigarettes, cakes such as Youtiao - a Chinese Cruller/strips (or Chinese oil sticks, or oil fried pastry), peanuts, lottery tickets, etc. at a corner on a street. Sometimes, we wondered around like street vendors. And that summer was the third class at the elementary school (Trần Quốc Tuấn school, turned to be Hồng Bàng University now). I like to go traveling. Therefore, that was the first time for traveling in my life. That was also the reason why I felt very happy! We went to Bến Tre or Vĩnh Long (I didn't know exactly!) by motocycles. I liked the feeling exposed my face against some strong winds on road when I was on bike. But all of us were in jail at Trà Ôn market (I think in Vinh Long province, near Can Tho city) after waiting some hours in a bamboo grove next to a canal (wow, I felt fun with many mosquitoes there!). And of course, when we were transfered by rowing on a small sampan (schooner) to a big boat at the Eastern Ocean, the police stopped us! We were there at Tra On market for 2 months, etc.




Time fillies, I grew up fastly as a good boy in my mother's arms. She's so good! She carried me and the other siblings in the big family. I have totally 5 siblings. My elder brother is a traditional doctor now (the same job as my older uncle. They inherited this job from my grandfather, who was a popular doctor around 1989. He came here for resettlement with nearly all of his family from the North in 1954, exactly from Hai Duong, Hai Phong now. I heard that he was also a good Principal at a high school in Da Lat romantic flower city before 1975. He was also a very romantic man. He composed many poems when he was alive. He past away when I finished my senior high school. I don't want to talk too much about him now. That is a secret case for the next topic, I think!). And now, I turn back to this subject. My younger brother was a mechanic. But he didn't do that job. He is a real estate agent now. Sometimes, life is not easy! You cannot do what you dreamed, right? I also have a couple of twin younger sisters. But poor them, the older one is better. She is a secretary. The other younger is a mental patient.


And you should also know this, our country is not only a weird motorcycle country but a country of bosses! Do you know why? Because most of us cannot find a dream job after graduating even at some best universities. Therefore, we choose to be bosses! It's not easy to be like that! No way!



Lives in our country were better after the opening gate to the world in 1986. I could remember the life here before that time. We waited so long time in a long queue for getting only a small bowl of rice for the whole week per one family. So we should add anything, any food which we found on the way of living (sweet potatoes, manioc/tapioca, Job's tears or Chinese Pearl Barley, corn, etc.)


My mother is a really Vietnamese woman! I love her so much! But fuck me, I cannot do anything more to help her now! You know that, in Vietnam, women are supposed to be model images. They are courageous, patient, responsible, loyal, faithful, painstaking, honest, righteous, etc. How many words can I depict them all? No, no words! I think! Etc.



She lost her husband in the war in 1974. My father was a good Western Doctor for the South Government. He was a very good man. I am really proud of his behaviour! But on one case, he tried to rescue an American soldier on the battlefield in Binh Long province in 1974 (I think this American guide maybe the advisor because most of the Americans left our country in 1973 after taking effect of the Paris Accords). That guide had a bullet wound on his leg. My father tried to give a medicine injection on his body artery/vein to protect him from infectious situation. He just tried to treat him from diseases and tried to save the patient. But you know that, the man felt painful and kicked on my father's arm accidentially (without intention, just by natural reflection!). And of course, my father's arm was considerably swollen with that kicking. It would have been nothing wrong if he (my father) had used the same medicine injection for himself with a full belly of food. Because he was very tired and too hungry in the afternoon after a harsh-ship of rescue mission on the battlefield, but couldn't! He felt shock after having the injection and past away at the age of 31. We have this saying: "We live by the sword and also die by the sword". Etc.



I passed an examination to be joined into the Social Sciences and Humanities University around 1992 (I am not sure!). But I couldn't afford to be there because my elder brother took a severe sickness. That was the hard time of my family. I must to find any job to support my family first. I didn't have any skill but the skill of practising martial art in Aikido. No, I couldn't speak any words in  English! I learned Russian when I was at the high school because I was a good boy when I was young! That was destiny! Shit! I forgot all of that (the Russian) when I went to work. My first job was a cleaner at a restaurant for nearly 4 years even my relative there was a personnel director. Thanks God! I learned that if you had got a little ability of speaking English your life would have been (changed) better! And I wish I had got not only B level certificate in English but also masters at any faculties. You didn't need to waste your time for changing B-level in English every 2 year. And I thought very simply, if you had got a master diploma in profestional job you could have passed any interviews just to be a waiter or waitress. You would have a good life and you could contribute some thing to help your family. That's all!


I got B level Certificate in English at Pedagogic University, in Ho Chi Minh City, in 1995. Therefore, I thought, I could change my job! I applied my form to be a Waiter at the New Queen Bee Discotheques in the city center. Simultaneously,I joined in the Cooking Staff of the Jollibee fastfood Restaurant in the day time for nearly 2 years both 2 jobs. You know, I like cooking. I felt very happy when I saw any-one enjoy my food tastfully. It would have been good here. But "man proposed, god disposed". In 1997, New Queenbee Discotheques was end. I kept going on the job of a member in the cooking staff at Jollibee for some more months and I decided to quit this job. I needed money for living and supporting my family. However, I had some friends here and one of them turned to be my wife later. We had some memories together there. At the first time, I didn't love her, indeed, I didn't think I could love anyone. The boy at the age of 24, I thought, was just a little child. I instructed practising Aikido in the early morning from 5am to 7am on the even days. Then I went to Jollibee Factory for working there until 5 pm. And I came back home, had a quick nap after such a harsh time. Then I came to my job at night from 7pm until 1am at New Queenbee Discotheque. I liked a girl who was the cleaner's daughter. But she was really nice, gentle and virtuous. She had thoughtful and meditative characters like me. She had a real feminine discreet charm. I like that style. And I nearly fell in love with her secret smile. Definitely, "Handsome is as handsome does" (goodness is better than beauty, I meant!), etc.



My wife was older than me 5 years old. I respected her as an older sister. I usually gave her a lift to be back home by bicycle, and sometimes by motorcycle. Of course, occasionally, we were under a shadow of a tree or a roof of a house to escape heavy rains. I thought, "Destiny drew us together". I called her "elder sister" firstly. Some months later, she asked me just called her name. Ok, "Lan" means "Orchid flowers". That was a beautiful name, I thought! And after getting married, we called "daddy" and "mommy" until now, etc.



I came back to Saigon Tourist Cooperation company at Liberty Hotels as a waiter position, a porter at their restaurant, a housekeeper later, and then a cloak-room attendant at the massage area. Totally, I wasted my time there nearly 11 years. That is the official company. Every people were just the workers to get salary monthly. You know that: "Everybody's bussiness is nobody's bussiness" or "Too many cooks spoil the broth". That was the Vietnamese landscape in the past. I don't mean now! You can imagine what our country would be like when you watch this movies from Taiwan or Singapore: "Những Năm Tháng Ấy" (on these link series:




It means: "The Past Remembering Days" in translation.). It will give you a totally depicting landscape of the Singapore around 1964, the Singapore country before becoming the Dragon of economy in the world, etc.


I learned manything from them (the company): bad and good together! Thanks them! I took advantage of my time to get not only some certificates of using Office Computer;of Basic Accountant skill; etc. but alsoa Bachelor of Arts in major English, at supplementary time, at Social Sciences & Humanities University, in 2006. And some more certificates in 2007 of Higher Economic Specialist  at the Vietnamese National University, HCMC; of Communication Skills for Customer Serving at the  Business Administration Institute. And of course, especially the skill of housekeeping to be a... "good wife" later; the skill to look after our guests at any restaurants. Ok, that was good! I got more than I paid! I just felt regretful that I paid too much of time there! I decided to quit my job as a massage area cloakroom attendant here, despite the fact that the income per month was a little interesting thing, and the job was a stable job. Poor me, I needed a good leader to pay my whole life for. I found that when you are a man of rich mentality, you are on a summit of thinking, you pour scorn on the other thoughts. I could feel great empathy with Mr.Bill Gates when he left his university or the circumstance of Mr.Steve Jobs when he left his own company. Sometimes, I thought profoundly about our lives and I had some questions like the movie we saw already: "Who am I?"; "Why were we here?"; "What were the functions of us when we appeared here?." I felt lonely and fell into a depressed mood at times. And occasionally, I was nearly resigned to my fate!



You know, my wife was older than me 5 years. And of course she was hardly to find any job at the age of over 30. "The future looked rather gloomy, but we lived in hope!". I feel fond of reading and studying. I designed job for my wife as a shop seller. I was her high-ranking counsellor. I tried to learn more and more to give her some advices at times. We have sold ready-made fashionable clothes at the market near home since 1998. My wife was not a pretty girl, but she was graceful, assiduous/dilligent. And especially, she has a flair for selling and highly discerning eyes for fashionable choosing. She has the ability of appraising with certainty. Generally, she is a really efficient woman. And you should pay a little attention to this talk. I used present tense on occasion because that characters haven't changed! I felt sorry for any company not choosing her! She just got senior high-school certificate in supplemetary time. But she was good in working. She gave an extra help to her family when she was young like me. What a ridiculous story about her! Even now, sometimes, some girls went past (across) our shop, had a pause there. They felt astonished by our fashion style! They all stared in amazement at her when I revealed the secret to them about her ability. They didn't trust me! And they didn't think all the delicate-modern fashion things here were chosen by an old woman at the age of 50 now. Therefore, I taught her to tell not the truth to our guests that all that stuff were caught by her daughter or her staff. If not, our guests will leave us! You know, most of the people "judge a man by his appearance"! So, I accepted the judge's decision from them. No way!



It’s really funny that once some young student girls went past our shop. They saw me learn English in front of the shop [I usually review my tourist speeches before implementing the tours in a few days later]. And they asked me amazingly: “Oh, my uncle, It’s really surprised when we see you here learn English! Why do you learn that language at this old age? What do you learn English for?”. They didn’t know that I was also an old tourist guide in English language. Uncle Hồ said that we should learn and learn more to be better and to change our lives, right? But I couldn’t explain anything. I just always smiled and replied them: “Just for fun!”. That’s all! This was also one of the reasons why I tried to create this website “”. ha, ha… So, "don't judge a book by its cover", ok!




Most of our guests in the past time were students at the colleges near by. But now we tried to change. We aimed our point at a higher demand consumers. And we also knew that many consumers were still not comfortable making purchases on the Internet because of the poor quality products and the fake commodities in our country.


Hasn't the time gone quickly? No, just only us who killed the time! We don't know exactly how much time for living? It's really short, right? And what are purposes we live for? Most of Vietnamese, we don't have any clear plan for our lives. Next morning, we think the weather is good, and then we take our backpacks to go traveling to your country. It's different, right? But we go traveling when we have enough money or more in our pockets. That is the Asian style! Etc.



The time has gone quickly, we have 2 children. Our daughter is 16 years old now. Our son is just 13. I didn't choose to be a tourist guide! That job chose me, indeed! I didn't have any close fellows in misery. But once, a chap learned English together with me at university time gave me a chance to be a tourist guide. I could remember the first time when I was as tourist guide from 2007. I knew "it is the first step that is troublesome". I like much this job! I can go traveling anywhere I want without paying. I wrote lots of information on my arms to give to my guest. There was just only one, maybe business man. We should transfer him to Caibe town in Mekong Delta. He was the Western tourist in rich of traveling culture. Of course, he had a keen sense of intelligence to recognize me was just the amateur one. But he smiled gently and mercifully! He gave me a glance, shook my hand warmly! My hands, and I thought, may be, the whole my body was trembled like a leaf. All my body was soaking wet in sweat! Thanks him, thanks my classmate, and thanks to the also, where Mr.Tấn, a good owner gave me the chance to do this job. I learned the new culture from Western guests. We shouldn't be late even 5 minutes. That was a big problem! We should take care not only our lives but also the other lives and the environment around! Etc. In our country, most of us would be "close with our own property, wasteful with others". If we threw garbage everywhere on a road or we daubed some pieces of chewing gum on a chair, on a wall or on a bed in buses or in public areas,... These actions were too rude and were the bad behaviors to the others! Including smoking and drinking, etc. We should protect the environment where we lived! "A bad habit that grows on us if we are not careful!".


I worked for the nearly 2 years. Then I left this nice company to be a tourist freelanced guide in English. I don't want to accept many tours as the other guides do. One tour a week, that's enough! I need some days off to look after my children. And I think a short pause to get back the energy, to enjoy our lives, to sip some coffee in the early morning, to gain the knowledge and soul accumulations are better, right? And also have enough time to prepare carefully for the next tour. This is very important! Every guest has his own world and his own character. They are very different and sophisticated. We are also not the same, right?


I thought, "we shouldn't postpone until tomorrow what we could do today"! So, I took advantage of this time to gain more for enriching my knowledge. I designed my job not as a tourist guide but also a teacher in English and tutor in practising Aikido. I gradually graduated the third dan and the certificate of teaching in Aikido around this time also. Simultaneously, I gained the certificate of University Education Teacher in Theory at the Social Sciences & Humanities University on July, 2010; the certificate of Tourguide in English Tourism at the Hochiminh Economics University on the next month; the certificate of  Secondary (high school) Education Teacher at the Social Sciences & Humanities University, Ho Chi Minh City, on September, in the same year; and the certificate of Primary Education Teacher in English at the Communication English College (C.E.C), Ho Chi Minh City, on December, 2010. I thought, "everything comes to him who waits". "There's a will, there's a way", and "you will reap what you sow". That is our deeply traditional cultures. Etc.


After all, I experienced through some tourist companies such as Private Asia Tours, Asiatica, Lecochinchine (both 2), etc. And I keep only 3 for me now. Some comrades invited me to join into their companies (Saigon Tourist, Buffalo, Exotissimo, D.A Tours, Vido Tours, etc.). But I think those companies are enough for a normal tourist-guide like me.


I think, may be, after finishing such a heap of things (try to finish my own website; reset the old shop in the old market; renovate our own house; prepare one practical English class to help children and students at home; enjoy my own life with my own style; etc.).



Beside Private Asia Tours, I would like to introduce you some more tours/jobs at Asia Pacific Tours Company, Legend Indochina Travel Co., Authentic Asia Travel; Viet Legend Travel; Viet Sun Travel; Buffalow Tours; D.A Tours; P.K. Luxury Travel Tours; Phát Huy Tour; and so on. They are good companies with beautiful guides also, where I and some of my best friends work for!


New houses and buildings are still going up everywhere although the economy in our country has been in a little slump since last 2 years. We hope for the good in future! "The longest day must have an end", we think! What do you think now? May be, "still water runs deep", right?


Ok, may I finish my speech here?


Enjoy your life with your style, please! And always feel happy, ok?


Thanks for your watching!


See you! Bye! Bye!




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